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Our Story


Found in Translation was originally founded in June 2020 as a podcast hosting unconventional conversations about the modern history of Africa and the political and cultural ramifications of the recent migration of Africans to the western hemisphere.


Since then, we've evolved to meet the needs of our local community on a more holistic and tangible level through the development and facilitation of in-person and online community spaces. This transition has seen us serving the needs of a wider base of community members and assisting local organizations in their approach to navigating culturally sensitive territory.


We're fundamentally rooted in the belief that community is a basic need, and are grateful for our role in the communal ecosystem of the DC-Maryland-Virginia metro area. Our vision for this platform is that it continues to evolve as an appendage of wider-encompassing developments  operating as oasis's from white supremacy, training centers for collective liberation, and spiritual safe havens for marginalized populations.

Daniel Adegbesan (he/him)

Executive Director, Lead Facilitator

Greetings! I'm Daniel Adegbesan, a Nigerian-American community organizer, professional facilitator, and immigration legal advocate.


I have a passion for creating spaces for nontraditional education through open dialogue, and utilize this modality in contributing to a world where global communities can develop a higher standard of holistic wellness leading to wide-reaching transformational change.


I currently work with the legal department of the Luminus Network for New Americans to provide relief to local residents seeking immigration assistance. I also currently serve on the Board of Directors of Baltimore-based theater incubator Sisters Freehold.


As a writer, actor, and creative director, I hold the creative arts in high regard.
I recognize and respect artistry as a powerful gift enabling humanity to interface with the metaphysical intangibles that define our experience of life, while simultaneously holding a mirror to ourselves both individually and collectively.

Daniel Adegbesan Headshot.png
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